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individuelle Software-Lösungen

Our offering

We are a start-up specialized on the development of custom-made software solutions. We are seated in Innsbruck (Austria). Whether you are looking for desktop software, a web application, an app or a microprocessor control – we can implement your idea. We see a project as a partnership, and feel responsible for its success.

Your success is our success

For the success of a project, good project management is at least as important as hard skills. We accompany you from the product vision to the release and beyond.

Technology consulting

Together we find the right strategy for the realization of your idea.

Project definition and planning

We create a project definition including milestones and a schedule.

Project management and execution

We make sure that your project is executed efficiently and fast.


We are software developers, however through our many years of experience we can offer you a broad spectrum of services beyond pure software development:

Big data...

is something we were already doing before it became a buzz word. You have many terabytes of data from which you want to retrieve information? With over 10 years of experience in high-performance-computing we are the ideal partner for you. Sometimes it has to be fast: If necessary, we can parallelize your data analysis on GPUs or use supercomputers.


You have an idea and want to built a prototype? We are look forward to doing a hardware project with you. We help you choose the right technologies and realize your idea. We also have a wide network of experts with special domain knowledge, through which we can tackle almost any problem.

Data analysis

Thanks to our many years of experience in scientific data analysis we are the ideal partner for complex problems. From the creation of a complete data-processing pipeline up to machine-learning algorithms: We can offer the right solution for your problem.

We love challenges

Your project actually is rocket science? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We are confident, that we can find a solution together. Our multidisciplinary knowledge in computer science, physics and mathematics allows us to work in almost any area. Through our good contacts to University research we are also able to find domain experts for many areas.

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