SHTech is a young start-up seated in Innsbruck, specialized on the development of custom-made software solutions. The founders Dominik Steinhauser and Markus Haider work together since 2008, first as PhD students at the Institute for Astrophysics at the University of Innsbruck, where they were developing astrophysical computer simulations. 2017 they decided to continue their successful collaboration through founding a company and apply their knowledge in computer science, physics, mathematics and data analysis to real world problems. As a competent team they are a reliable partner for demanding projects.

Markus Haider, PhD

+43 660 1414213

Markus Haider studied physics in Innsbruck. Already as a student he gathered experience in professional software development (as an intern at the CERN Atlas Inner Detector Software Group). After his diploma thesis, which he did in theoretical particle physics during a research visit at the LPSC Grenoble, he started his PhD  in the field of computational astrophysics at the University of Innsbruck. There he was developing and analysing cosmological simulations. Subsequently he continued his research as a postdoctoral researcher, and was also teaching programming and data analysis.

Dominik Steinhauser, PhD

+43 699 11042918

Dominik Steinhauser studied computer science and physics at the TU in Munich and at the University of Innsbruck. In computer science his specialization was robotics and real-time systems. His diploma thesis was about sensor data analysis of autonomous vehicles. In his physics studies he specialized on computational physics, which he finished with a diploma thesis about simulations of galaxy evolution. He then went on to complete his doctoral studies at the University of Innsbruck and at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies in the field of astrophysical computer simulations. Afterwards, he gained experience in project management and software development in international teams, partly as a postdoctoral researchers and in projects with various companies.